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Working with businesses and organisations to implement staff well-being, organisational mental health plans and staff training. 


Awareness and understanding are the first steps to a supportive team. 

Some ways in which awareness can be increased...

- displaying information

- sharing stories,

- creating positive    connections

- staff training.  


Creating a supportive and receptive team creates trust and communication. 

People feel supported when there is flexibility for their needs and they are listened to.

For people struggling with mental health, things that may be challenging include: 

- office arrangements

- timing



Training is a great way to increase understanding and compassion. 

Training also gives the skills for your people to...

- support each other 

- feel comfortable 

- have honest conversations with each other. 

Staff, students and members will also enjoy the training.This training is applicable to their work as well as personal lives. 


Culture is in every setting, a classroom, a board meeting, a club or social gathering. 

We all know that when it is positive it spreads and when its negative it can be toxic. 

There are many steps we can take to create a more supportive and positive culture in our setting. 


A mix of...

- positive engagement,

- supportive staff and leaders

- education


Can increase positively. 

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