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To deliver knowledgeable and innovative mental health services to the Northern Territory.


One day we have a health system, that includes mental health. That every person will be educated and aware of what mental health problems are and how to support a loved one.

our mission

Meet Our Team

Meet our team



Sacha King

Founder and Managing Director 

Sacha is a social worker and counselor specialising in mental health. With years of experience in the field; Sacha is passionate we should all understand how to respond to mental health problems.


Merinda Johnson

GO! Nights Team Leader

Merinda is an enthusiastic worker who has a gift for making strong connections with young people. Merinda is the heart of Girls Nights and works with both ethics and compassion. 


Casual Staff

Youth workers and trainers

We have a number of skilled and engaging youth workers who provide program support and wellbeing projects for young people.  



Sheridan Rose


Sheridan has a strong belief that the key to increased awareness and reducing the stigma around mental health is education. With over 15 years of administration experience combined with a Diploma of Leadership and Management, Sheridan has a keen focus on organisation growth and strategy. As chair
Sheridan is an integral part in helping Two Two One improve the Northern Territory’s mental health services through innovation, connection and awareness.


Sarah Roberts

Vice Chairperson 



Tania Chin 


Tania is passionate in bringing awareness to normalising conversations for mental health as well ensuring  education, resources and programs are readily available within the NT. Tania brings both public and private sector regulatory and compliance knowledge along with over 20 years’ experience of operational management and continuous improvement within personal injury management recently branching into the NDIS sector. With a Diploma of Compliance & Leadership & Management, Tania's customer centric focus, organisational skills and passion for Two Two One Inc is a welcomed addition.


Diana Herdman


Diana has worked as a Chartered Account for the past 18 years and will utilise her experience and skills to improve and sustain the organisation. An active volunteer in community projects, including Two Two One’s GO! Nights program. In the treasurer role, she will bring knowledge and insight to benefit the organisation and its goals.


Oliver Black

Board Member 

Oliver is a researcher for Mental Health and Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) and focuses on the design and implementation of health systems. Oliver brings to the team strategic input to the direction of the organisation and will focus on growing access to important mental health training.


Emily Kilpatrick

Board Member 

Emily is currently an Industrial Liaison Officer and understands that without community awareness the appropriate support will never be given to those experiencing mental health issues. She strongly believes that mental health advocacy is necessary to enhance our understanding of mental health. Emily brings a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Business along with her Industrial Relations knowledge to the Two Two One Mental Health Charity Board.


Ben Clements

Board Member

Ben brings a male working perspective to the board and provides insight into connecting with this demographic. Ben has great organisational and networking skills. 


Emma Cawood

Board Member

Emma is an active community member, mum and volunteer who is well connected across the Territory. Emma brings over 10 years of executive administrative experience and understands the importance of strong policy, procedures and good governance.  
Emma is an advocate for a healthy work life balance and believes people should have access to mental health education and supports.
Since completing the Mental Health First Aid Course in 2021, Emma has been an advocate for mental health and achieving mental wellness.


Jordan Richardson

Board Member

Jordan works in the disability sector and has experience working with the health and NDIS sectors as well as a strong belief that mental health is a part of all health. Jordan is an advocate for those living with any disability.

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