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Do you know how to have a supportive conversation with a young person? 

Young people have the highest rates of mental illness and the most resistance to seeking help. 

Training available directly with young people to teach about mental health, wellbeing, emotions and stress management. 

We work with adults work with young people to help them engage with young people around mental health, adolescent development, wellbeing and trauma. 

Two Two One Mental Health Charity 
can provide project coordination 
and facilitation.


Training and Workshops 

Youth Mental Health First Aid


This course is designed for parents, teachers, community workers, youth workers and all others who are supporting or assisting young people with mental health problems. Adolescents are the most at risk to have their first experience of mental illness and have the highest rates of suicide attempts. 

This two day course will talk through how mental health problems and mental illness may present in a young person and strategies to support them and connect them with professionals. 

Teen Mental Health First Aid 

Teen MHFA course is for high school students Years 7-9 and Years 10-12. Teen Mental Health First Aid identifies that young people turn to their friends before adults and focuses on improving mental health literacy, early intervention and increasing the ability to ask for support from trusted adults. 

This course is delivered in schools to whole year groups.


SafeTALK is a half day suicide awareness training that reduces stigma and improves skills in supporting someone who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviours. 

This course is designed for the public and all people are encouraged to attend.

Mental Health First Aid for Self Injury

Self harm and self injury are very judged and misunderstood behaviours that people engage in to manage their emotional distress. This half day course looks understanding, identifying and assisting someone who may be struggling with self injury.

This course if for any adult wanting to further their understanding of self injury and mental health.

Suicide prevention in the Territory

Some things look different in the Territory, with our diverse population and remote locations this training looks at NT specific statistics, and practically applies suicide prevention to situations and environments we live and work in.

Engaging with young people 

The purpose of this training is to practically implement the basic psychological, restorative and trauma response principals into communicating and connecting with young people. 

Applying the principals of restorative practice 

Heard about restorative practice but don't know how to apply them to your team, conversations or environments? This workshop practically goes through the key principals of restorative practices and conversations and practices these skills with scenarios and resources that your team has access to. 

This course is great for ground workers, outreach services and remote workers. 

Understanding complex trauma and trauma response 

The Territory has high rates of trauma and complex trauma can present in many ways across someone's life, this course looks at understanding complex trauma and how it may present as well; as well as managing trauma responses and support people living with complex trauma. 

This course is for everyone but especially helpful for those working with adolescents who experienced trauma as a child. 

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