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Is mental health a part of your WHS procedures?

The average working person will spend around one third of their life at work, mental health problems can develop and impact all aspects of someone’s life. How prepared is your workplace to support someone with mental health problems?

Looking after mental health is a Work Health & Safety obligation and will have a significant impact on:

  • Reducing staff absenteeism and lost working days.

  • Increasing staff productivity.

Take the mental health toolbox quiz to see if yours is fully stocked


This quick quiz will give you an insight to how prepared your organisation is, whether you are a manager or an employee.


Mental Health First Aid

Is a must for every workplace. A two day course where participants learn how to assist adults who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. This course increases meaningful conversations, improves employee wellbeing and gives employees confidence to ask for support when needed. 

Can be booked privately for groups of 10+ 

Or individually, see our upcoming community trainings here

Wellbeing in the workplace

What is mental health, what is stress, simple techniques to live and work more mindfully and mentally healthy, wellbeing check, understanding when to seek support.

Communication and connection in the workplace 

Want to improve your teams communication, work better together or problem solve together? This workshop helps teams understand their dynamics and identify how to communicate effectively.


SafeTALK is a half day suicide awareness training that reduces stigma and improves skills in supporting someone who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviours. 

This course is designed for the public and all people are encouraged to attend.

Increasing productivity by improving mental health

Did you know improving mental health is not just good for your help but it also help you learn, focus, be present and more productive. This workshops explains how we can better understand the functioning of our brain and plan our days to better fit our functioning as humans and reduce stress.

Suicide prevention in the Territory

Some things look different in the Territory, with our diverse population and remote locations this training looks at NT specific statistics, and practically applies suicide prevention to situations and environments we live and work in.

Email us for a free quote and confirm your training



Chat to us about consultancy to improve your mental health responses, policies and support with practical implementation for the workplace 

Training and workshops

What Our Clients Say

Construction Site

Duratec Australia 

"The course was very interesting and provided a good insight into mental health" 

"Strength was...How to educate someone in how to respond to someone in need of help or reading signs"

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