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Mental Health Education

How prepared is your workplace to support someone with mental health issues?

The flow on from education around mental health impacts the staff satisfaction and support in the workplace. Every $1 invested in mental health education has a return on investment of $2.30.


Have you thought about attending or having a workplace mental health training?

Let me tell you a little story of some of the unexpected outcomes when providing mental health training in your office.

We were asked to provide mental health education in a workplace after a tragedy; the staff were struggling through their individual emotions but ready to learn and improve their workplace culture. Throughout the two-day Mental Health First Aid course a safe space was created for colleagues to share personal stories and create new connections. The staff were challenged with their ways of thinking about workplace relations, client relations and work life balance.

After only two days we saw staff empowered to take control of their own and their loved one’s mental health. We also saw colleagues having better relationships, more support in the workplace, new perspectives around boundaries and a much more positive and collaborative workplace culture.

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A range of accredited training, workshops and specialised sessions are available from our

professional and passionate staff. 



Standard Mental Health First Aid

Is a must for every workplace. A two day course where participants learn how to assist adults who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. This course increases meaningful conversations, improves employee wellbeing and gives employees confidence to ask for support when needed. 

Can be booked privately for groups of 10+ 

Or individually, see our upcoming community trainings here


Youth Mental Health First Aid


This course is designed for parents, teachers, community workers, youth workers and all others who are supporting or assisting young people with mental health problems. Adolescents are the most at risk to have their first experience of mental illness and have the highest rates of suicide attempts. 

This two day course will talk through how mental health problems and mental illness may present in a young person and strategies to support them and connect them with professionals. 

Teen Mental Health First Aid 

Teen MHFA course is for high school students Years 7-9 and Years 10-12. Teen Mental Health First Aid identifies that young people turn to their friends before adults and focuses on improving mental health literacy, early intervention and increasing the ability to ask for support from trusted adults. 

This course is delivered in schools to whole year groups.




SafeTALK is a half day suicide awareness training that reduces stigma and improves skills in supporting someone who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviours. 

This course is designed for the public and all people are encouraged to attend.

Mental Health First Aid for Self Injury

Self harm and self injury are very judged and misunderstood behaviours that people engage in to manage their emotional distress. This half day course looks understanding, identifying and assisting someone who may be struggling with self injury.

This course if for any adult wanting to further their understanding of self injury and mental health.


Mental Health First Aid Refresher

The Mental Health First Aid Refresher courses are for people who have completed their Youth or Standard Mental Health First Aid more than two years ago and would like their accreditation to continue for a further three years. 




Wellbeing in the workplace 

What is mental health, what is stress, simple techniques to live and work more mindfully and mentally healthy, wellbeing check, understanding when to seek support.

Understanding Mental Health 

What is mental health, what are the signs someone could be struggling, main mental illnesses in Australia, supporting someone to reach out for help and professional supports in NT.

Communication and connection in the workplace 

Want to improve your teams communication, work better together or problem solve together? This workshop helps teams understand their dynamics and identify how to communicate effectively. 

Increasing productivity by improving mental health

Did you know improving mental health is not just good for your help but it also help you learn, focus, be present and more productive. This workshops explains how we can better understand the functioning of our brain and plan our days to better fit our functioning as humans and reduce stress. 

Suicide prevention in the Territory

Some things look different in the Territory, with our diverse population and remote locations this training looks at NT specific statistics, and practically applies suicide prevention to situations and environments we live and work in.

Engaging with young people 

The purpose of this training is to practically implement the basic psychological, restorative and trauma response principals into communicating and connecting with young people. 

Applying the principals of restorative practice 

Heard about restorative practice but don't know how to apply them to your team, conversations or environments? This workshop practically goes through the key principals of restorative practices and conversations and practices these skills with scenarios and resources that your team has access to. 

This course is great for ground workers, outreach services and remote workers. 

Understanding complex trauma and trauma response 

The Territory has high rates of trauma and complex trauma can present in many ways across someone's life, this course looks at understanding complex trauma and how it may present as well; as well as managing trauma responses and support people living with complex trauma. 

This course is for everyone but especially helpful for those working with adolescents who experienced trauma as a child. 

Training, workshops and group facilitation will be customised for your staff, clientele and work environments. Have a conversation today about enhancing well-being in your workplace! 
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Two Two One Mental Health Charity runs a number of community events and training. 

These events and training opportunities are open for any community member to attend. Take a look at the events tab for upcoming events. 

Events we run include Mental Health First Aid courses, Mental Health Week events, community awareness events and more. We often are working with the Northern Territory Government to provide free or affordable opportunities for the community to have access to mental health education. 

You can follow our Facebook page for live updates of what is upcoming

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Two Two One Mental Health Charity also has some amazing facilitators able to run events that improve the well-being and mental health of our community. 

Particularly we can work with getting young people engaged with programs that increase their interactions with services and supports. 

We are also equipped to run workshops and give information directly to young people that increase their skills around looking after their own mental wellness. 

We love to partner with other passionate people and community members so contact us if you have an innovative way to get mental health education spread into the community. 

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