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Stopping overthinking and be yourself! A couple things i learnt while starting a new business.

I have been talking about and working in mental health for a number of years now I pride myself knowing best practice and having high standards in content and individual delivery. I am optimistic in my business. However, when i was asked 'what do you want your business to look like?' - the questions hit! What colour scheme?, what if i don't succeed?, what is professional?, what should i wear in the photos?, what is my purpose?... and so on! The anxiety had hit!

I told myself this is what I do, this is what I teach people, this is what I know - anxiety and negative thoughts; what do I need to do to control them?

Firstly I started to educate myself on the topic of creating an image; how to be professional while showing your passion and personality. Someone gave me the best advice that started me on the right track; they said 'what is corporate and what is professional; are these just pedestals you have created, what do they look for in a service and do you offer that?'

This is the thing about anxiety and negative thoughts, they are so believable in your mind and you create all of this stress around them that makes it harder to ask yourself 'is this a realistic thought' or 'is this in my control'. Step one is always getting out of your head, talking it out, writing it down, sing about it, paint it, whatever works for you and clears your head even just for a moment. Only with that clarity can you ask yourself, is this reality or is this stress my mind has created, what are my fears and is there any way I can lessen my thoughts and what is in and out of my control. Remembering sometimes we can do this on our own but sometimes we need some help to do this. Anxiety is a part of every persons life to some degree and we need to be able to share and discuss it.

This got me thinking what is my product, what is my reputation and what are my standards; I know I am able and driven and what I needed to sell was my passion and professionalism, not something that screamed corporate - Heck! I haven't even made any money yet to be thinking like that!

I know that my passion and knowledge will drive my business and I just need to focus on being the best version of me. Thanks stranger who reached out and reminded me on the power of being genuine.

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