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We had a little chat on the radio today

Today we were asked to head into ABC to discuss what Two Two One Mental Health Charity does and discuss mental health prevention. One of the questions asked was:

"What if after a mental health training someone says they are not ok and you do not know what to do?"

This is a common question, as the more we know and ask the more honest people will be. However, this does not mean you have no boundaries as if we continued to support the whole population that would be constantly about 20% of the people you know!

Have a listen to the interview for a little more about Two Two One, what we do and learn about supporting someone when you're not sure what to do.

Remember to reach out for support if you do need it. A great NT directory is the NTCOSS directory of services

Or there are plenty of other supports, see our chick in resources below

Mental health check in activity
Download DOCX • 491KB

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