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How full is your mental health toolbox? 


Good health 
30 - 36 points 


Good work! We can see you are part of a mental health aware workplace. You feel safe to talk about mental health and there are systems in place to support staff.

If you/ your organisation would like to continue on this journey we suggest all staff have mental health first aid training and regular work place culture check ins.

Thanks for making a healthier NT. Feel free to contact Two Two One Mental Health Charity about workplace wellness.

Yellow – getting there


Getting there
21- 27 points 

You’re organisation is on its way, and has done some great things to have a healthy and positive workplace. Now is time to focus on having some mental health specific responses and embed them into the workplace.

A good way to improve is to start a mental health and wellbeing committee that makes sure the information is across the organisation and practical for staff to use and understand.

Thanks for making a healthier NT and feel free to contact Two Two One Mental Health Charity about workplace wellness.

Orange – good start


Good Start
15-24 points 

You’re workplace has made a start and we are happy you’re here. Seems like your workplace has some provisions around mental health, but how practical are they and are they reflected in your workplace culture?

Many workplaces have a list of policies and procedures around mental health however, do not know how to implement them to be practical and accessible for staff. Start this process by asking around what staff know and what they would like to see, starting an honest cross level conversation about mental health.

Want some help facilitating this? Two Two One Mental Health Charity would be happy to have a free chat to discuss workplace wellness.

Might need some attention
0- 15 points 

We all start somewhere and doing this quiz is step one, so good work. It seems like the workplace might need to reflect on staff wellbeing and put some supports around mental health. One of the first steps we look at with workplaces is what your policies are around mental health support and if staff are aware. Sending out an email and putting up some posters could be a good start in raising peoples awareness and let your staff know there is support.

If you want some assistance improving staff wellbeing, training staff and starting a wellbeing committee, Two Two One Mental Health Charity is here to help.

How prepared is your workplace to support someone with mental health issues?

The flow on from education around mental health impacts the staff satisfaction and support in the workplace. Every $1 invested in mental health education has a return on investment of $2.30.


Have you thought about attending or having a workplace mental health training?

Let me tell you a little story of some of the unexpected outcomes when providing mental health training in your office.

We were asked to provide mental health education in a workplace after a tragedy; the staff were struggling through their individual emotions but ready to learn and improve their workplace culture. Throughout the two-day Mental Health First Aid course a safe space was created for colleagues to share personal stories and create new connections. The staff were challenged with their ways of thinking about workplace relations, client relations and work life balance.

After only two days we saw staff empowered to take control of their own and their loved one’s mental health. We also saw colleagues having better relationships, more support in the workplace, new perspectives around boundaries and a much more positive and collaborative workplace culture.

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